Hitchhikers (Softcover) Memoirs of Bernard (Bud) Poduska

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Author: Memoirs of Bernard (Bud) Poduska

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ISBN: 978-1-62108-341-2

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“As long as we’re moving, it looks as if we’re going somewhere. If we’re sitting, it looks like we’re going nowhere.”“We may be moving, ” I mumbled to myself, “but it stillfeels like we’re going nowhere. ”It’s the spring of 1948, and Bernard Poduska’s life is permeated with despair beyond his years. Following eviction from their Albuquerque home, the eight-year old and his impoverished family have joined the ranks of the nation’s homeless, and hope is running low. In abid to out run Social Services, the Poduskas criss cross the nation, hitching rides to “anywhere else. ”For the next eighteen years, the semi-literate youngman finds refuge in his anger—and in atheism. How could there be a God, with such suffering? Yet unbeknownst to Bernard, even in those darkest of days, the Lord walked by his side. And without realizing the path he was on, the unconquerable Bernard Poduskabegan a miraculous journey toward the peace of the restored gospel. Brigham Young University Professor Bernard Poduskatakes readers on an incredible and personal journey in his chain of reminiscences: from his young fight for survival on the streets to his triumphant rise among the ranks of BYU’s most distinguished professors. More than just a rags-to-riches memoir, this unflinchingly candid tale documents one man’s incredible transformation from an ardent anti-Christian into a faithful man of God.

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