Never Pay for Toothpaste Again! (SoftCover)

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ISBN: 978-1-62108-282-8

Price: $5.99

Author: Sariah S. Wilson

Is the rising cost of living getting you down? Do you find your food storage falling flat? If you’re one of the millions singing the budget blues, frugal-living expert Sariah S. Wilson has the answer. In this timely booklet, the author shares wisdom and counsel from prophets and apostles, along with her years of experience, to help you cut your grocery bill in half, build your food storage, and help others. Imagine a grocery shopping trip in which many of the items you want to purchase are free—from toothpaste to candles and dish soap to pizza. Chances are, there’s a coupon to meet your needs. With her time-proven strategies for saving, the author dispels common myths about couponing and shares her innovative strategies to help you maximize every penny.

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