Simple Things: Daily Thoughts, Stories, and Inspiration to Live Life More Fully (Softcover)

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Author: Lori Nawyn

ISBN: 978-1-62108-666-6
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Price: $15.99

The struggles of mortality leave many women with feelings of discouragement and self-doubt. In those moments of hopelessness, the challenge to maintain an eternal perspective of one’s worth can seem daunting. When despair descends, is it possible to confidently overcome trials—to thrive rather than merely survive? Within the pages of Simple Things, women will gain the necessary tools to confront those self-limiting beliefs that prevent daughters of God from fully realizing their noble heritage. This moving collection of thoughts, stories, and scriptures provides ideas on how to nurture one’s self and loved ones. By embracing the gentle lessons shared in these inspired pages, even the most aching of spirits can emerge from the shadows to celebrate the glory of life with peace, joy, and hope.


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