The Shaken Earth (Softcover) Toni Sorenson

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Author: Toni Sorenson
ISBN 978-60861-279-6
Stock # 01116096

Fragile, twelve-year-old Yolisha is afraid thinking about her first ride on a brightly painted tap-tap. The city is much farther than she has ever been from her small village of Makak, but Yolisha must go. Tomorrow she has an appointment in Port-au-Prince with the doctor who understands her special illness. But she is terrified that she might lose the grasp of her mother’s hand on the clattering, noisy bus crowded with people and livestock. In truth, Yolisha is frightened of anything—or anyone—that might separate her from the only anchor in her life: her motherThe next day, Yolisha is slammed with the realization that her greatest danger was not in the bus ride at all. When the earth begins violently shaking, the walls of the clinic crumble, and her mother is torn from her, she fears that her innocent wishing game might have caused the devastating earthquake that has just thrown her into a terrifying world of survival. But what if the same game can uncover hidden strength in Yolisha as she searches for her missing mother? Might the elderly man who plucks her from the rubble save her life . . . while the man’s colorful and determined friend saves her soul by introducing her to the gospel? With penetrating insight, Toni Sorenson immerses you into a beautiful, beleaguered country and guides you on a poignant and compelling journey that explores questions of faith and fate, selflessness and self-preservation—the story of a girl who holds on to hope, even in an overwhelmingly hopeless situation.

About the Author
Toni Sorenson is the author of a number of bestselling books for both the national and LDS markets. In 2006, her Covenant novel Redemption Road won the prestigious Association of Mormon Letters honor for Novel of theYear. Toni was among the earliest humanitarian aid workers to arrive in Haiti following the devastating earthquake in 2010. Despite suffering a serious injury with long-term complications in a bus accident on her way to Port-au-Prince, she remained in Haiti and worked to help those who were suffering. The mother of six children—four sons and two daughters—Toni also has a beautiful granddaughter. They live in Utah Valley and love to travel, play, and eat together.

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