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A Mighty Change


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During our mortal probation, we experience adversity, temptations, and challenges as we prepare for eternity. By discussing doctrinal truths from the Book of Mormon, references from General Authorities of the LDS Church, and personal insights gained from his own life experiences, author Christopher R. Greenwood shows us many ways we can purify our spirits and fulfill our potential. He motivates us to search more deeply into our own hearts and desire the purifying effects of the Holy Spirit that will result in a mighty change. For those Latter-day Saints who seek transforming power in their lives, and with insights from the prophets, both ancient and modern, Brother Greenwood gently and reverently illuminates the path they should pursue. Excerpt: What can occur in our lives and what steps can we take to make ourselves want and strongly desire to experience a mighty change of heart and thereby lose our disposition to do evil? Some time ago, I saw the following statement written on a conference-room board. Interestingly, I have no idea who put it there or why, but I found the implications eternal _ a genuine life lesson. This is what was written: The Million Dollar Question Which is stronger? My urge to grow -or- My resistance to change I love to ponder this question and ask myself honestly where I fit in according to this statement. When I evaluate myself or when I ponder, I ask myself if I can honestly say that, at that moment, my urge to grow is most dominant. Where do I fit in as a member of His Church and kingdom? Where should I fit in? It is my prayer that by reading this book, it may contribute towards the beginning of a desire to perfect ourselves. Along with reading and applying the principles found in the scriptures, may they be the root cause of our desire to go from good to better and experience a mighty change of heart.

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