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Ancestors: Discovering Your Heritage


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Ancestors: Discovering Your Heritage ANCESTORS is the first series to capture the energy of the family history explosion. The 10-part series focuses on the impact that connecting with ancestors has on individuals and families. Hosts Jim and Terry Willard, amateur genealogists, introduce the topic of each 30-minute episode which consists of two components, a Š—“mini-documentaryŠ— and a Š—“how-toŠ— segment. ANCESTORS goes on location to visit with family historians of various social, economic and ethnic backgrounds to find out why they began a search for family history and how that search has changed their lives. Each mini-documentary is followed by an instructional conversation between the hosts and various genealogical experts. These conversations are intended to help beginning family historians get started. Episodes include:
  • Getting Started – dispels common misconceptions about family history research; tells how to use a pedigree chart.
  • Leaving a Legacy – tells the different ways to create and celebrate a family history legacy.
  • Looking at Home – explains what to look for at home and how to organize bits and pieces of the past.
  • Gathering Family Stories – focuses on how to successfully interview living relatives.
  • The Paper Trail – helps viewers understand how to locate and use records in genealogical research.
  • Census and Military Records – Expert Curt Witcher highlights two major American records that are commonly used in family research history and explains the wealth of information that can be discovered in them.
  • African-American Research – Tony Burroughs shares successful strategies that can be used in searching for African-American ancestors.
  • Your Medical Heritage – Dr. Raymond White and genetic counselor Vickie Venne, leading experts in disease genetics, help viewers learn how to begin building their own medical pedigree.
  • Libraries and Archives – tells how to get the most out of a visit to a family history library or archive.
  • High-Tech Help – Richard Eastman, computer and Internet expert, shows how high-tech help has made beginning family history research easier.

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