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Attack On The Lusitania


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Attack the Lusitania! On May 7, 1915, just nine months into World War I, one of the largest and fastest luxury passenger liners of its day was en route home to England when a German sub blew it out of the water. of the 1,959 people aboard the Lusitania, nearly two-thirds died. Many men, women, and children were trapped inside as the great ship sunk in just eighteen minutes. Many historians believe the sinking of the Lusitania is more tragic than the Titanic disaster, because the attack on the Lusitania was a deliberate murderous act of war upon a ship of innocent souls. The sinking of this great ocean liner shocked the world, and ´è_Avenge the Lusitania!´è_ was the rallying cry that lured many young American men to enlist during World War I. What international tensions led up to the attack on one of the world´è_s biggest, fastest, and most luxurious passenger ships? Why did many Americans sail on the Lusitania after Germany gave warning in New York City newspapers of the danger passengers assumed if they traveled on the ship? How could a single torpedo sink such a large ship? Why did Germany target the Lusitania, a civilian vessel? Why did such an enormous ship sink so fast? And were the British as culpable as the Germans in the sinking of the luxury liner? Explore these questions and more in this fascinating documentary about one of the most mysterious maritime tragedies in history.

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