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Reverently Quietly


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Product Description

“Reverently, quietly”–the words alone evoke a spirit of peace and quiet reverence. Add the masterful talents of Grammy-nominated David Glen Hatch at the piano and the skills of arranger and conductor Marden Pond, and you have an album that will be a favorite in every Latter-day Saint home. Each selection on this album is arranged in medleys, which are organized by topic. For example, the medley on reverence includes: Reverently, Quietly; Father I Will Reverent Be; and This is God’s House. Other medley topics include: The Savior, Prayer, Testimony, Missionaries, Thankfulness, Obedience, and several others. David Glen Hatch plays selections from more than two dozen favorite LDS songs with the skill and finesse that have earned him praise form around the world.

Song list

  • REVERENCE: Reverently, Quietly / Father, I Will Reverent Be / This is God’s House
  • HOME: Love is Spoken Here / Love At Home, I’m So Glad When Daddy Comes Home / The Dearest Names / Families Can Be Together Forever
  • BOOK of MORMON: Book of Mormon Stories / Nephi’s Courage / The Golden Plates
  • GOD IS NEAR: Dearest Children, God is Near You / I Know My Father Lives
  • THANKFULNESS: Thanks to Our Father / For Health and Strength / I Thank Thee Dear Father / For the Beauty of the Earth
  • LULLABY: Oh Hush Thee My Baby / Do You Know How Many Stars? / Mary’s Lullaby
  • OBEDIENCE: Choose the Right / Follow the Prophet / I Have Two Little Hands / Quickly I’ll Obey
  • PRAYER: Did You Think to Pray? / We Bow Our Head and Close Our Eyes / Search, Ponder, and Pray
  • MISSIONARIES: I Hope They Call Me on a Mission / I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go / Called to Serve / We’ll Bring the World His Truth
  • DIVINE HERITAGE: of Goodly Parents / Children of Our Heavenly Father / I Will Follow God’s Plan
  • LOVE: As I Have Loved You / Teach Me To Walk in the Light of His Love / Where Love Is
  • THE SAVIOR’S MISSION: Tell Me the Stories of Jesus / Jesus Once was a Little Child / Beautiful Savior / I Wonder When He Comes Again
  • SACRED ORDINANCES: Jesus Came to John the Baptist / When I Am Baptized / In Memory of the Crucified / I Love to See the Temple

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