SKU: 563673 Temple Bag Jordi Cream

Temple Bag Jordi Cream
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  • SKU: 563673 Temple Bag Jordi Cream


Classy and refined, these stunning temple bags offer a roomy interior with plenty of pockets and compartments to provide handy storage for temple slippers, keys, temple recommends, and other personal belongings. When hung and opened, either of these beautiful bags forms a convenient shelf — each can also open flat for easy packing. With double shoulder straps and at just the right size to easily fit into lockers and suitcases, one of these bags would also make an ideal carry-on. 

Perfect for the fashionable but value-conscious woman, the black bag features a rich leather-like finish. The beige bag is constructed of stylishly patterned jacquard and reinforced with faux leather. accents. 

Dimensions: 14½" x 16" x 6½"