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Truth and Conviction
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  • SKU: 349642 Truth and Conviction

    Matt Whitaker


By 1941, Hitler's Nazi regime had seized unbelievable control over the German people, dictating what they read, what they said, even what they believed. A whispered criticism of the Nazi Party could lead to a Gestapo interrogation and prison. In this environment, a young man, sixteen years old, took action that some considered foolhardy, and others viewed as treacherous and morally wrong. What he did was certainly dangerous. Today many consider his actions heroic. This is the story of Helmuth Hubener.

Helmuth Hubener led a resistance group composed of himself and two of his childhood friends from the LDS Church branch. The three of them carefully distributed flyers throughout Hamburg that denounced Hitler and his propaganda machine. The documentary chronicles what happened to these young men, and the ultimate price paid by those who dared to stand up for the truth.

Using archival footage and still photography as well as new film footage shot on location in Germany, this film takes an unprecedented in,depth look at a compelling and complex story. Included is an extensive interview with the last remaining survivor of the resistance group.

DVD includes exclusive interviews and other material not found in the broadcast or VHS versions.