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Unlocking Isaiah
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Isaiah's resounding charge to ancient Israel was to "trust Jehovah and He will protect you. " We of modern Israel face our own challenges, fight our own battles, and are threatened by enemies perhaps even more treacherous and subtle, in many ways, than the Assyrians. Yet, our charge is the same: trust Jehovah.

The words of Isaiah, so full of symbolism and unfamiliar language, can prove a daunting challenge for even the most seasoned scriptorian. Though we may be tempted to overlook that which we do not understand, it is vital to recognize that Isaiah was the prophet for our time. His words are meant for us and provide a wealth of prophecies designed to guide us through these troublesome last days. With such a treasure at our fingertips, it is crucial that we work to decipher this sacred and deeply meaningful book of scripture. In Unlocking Isaiah, author Reg Christensen shares lessons learned over many years of teaching in the Church Education System, using stories and personal insights that will inspire a deeper understanding of the messages and themes of the book of Isaiah. As readers discover personal applications of Isaiah's words, they will echo the Savior's tribute: "Great are the words of Isaiah " (3 Ne. 23:1).