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We Believe Sing Along Articles of Faith

In order to earn the new Faith In God award for Primary, every girl and boy must memorize the Articles of Faith. Now you can avoid hours of frustration with the help of We Believe: Articles of Faith Sing Along on DVD. We’ve taken the colorful and fun illustrations of Jennette Guymon-King (the co-author of the bestselling Primary Partners series) and combined them with Robert C. Bowden’s beautiful arrangements of the 13 Articles of Faith songs. Then we put it all together in a karaoke sing-along that you can play on your DVD player! That’s right, there’s no need for expensive equipment or specials. Just pop in the DVD and let the fun begin!


Articles of Faith

A timeless classic of LDS?literature, Articles of Faith was first published in 1899. Based on a series of lectures given by James E. Talmage in 1893 and 1894, the book was produced at the request of the First Presidency of the Church when Dr. Talmage was invited to prepare a text for use in Church schools and religion classes. This word-for-word narration is masterfully presented on 11s and is narrated by Rex Campbell. Build your testimony of the gospel while traveling or exercising. Great for missionaries! Value-priced in a special boxed set.


Danger Ahead

Audio Book. 9 discs. Brooke Clayton is not who she claimed to be, a harsh reality that Corporal Hunter Owl Ezell faces as he observes the fa´è_ade surrounding the woman he loved crumbling before his eyes. Brooke s past criminal activity has caught up with her and as a result of her involvement in Joined Forces, an illicit group of environmental activists, Hunter s life is on the line. Brooke tried to escape her past, but her former associates have other plans for her. Joined Forces is unwilling to let such a valuable asset go, and if she hopes to save Hunter, she must cooperate. When she’s approached by the FBI, Brooke grasps desperately at their offer: go undercover to expose Joined Forces in exchange for immunity from prosecution for her past crimes. Aided by Hunter’s Special Forces team, the group boldly takes on the world of organized crime. In an explosive turn of events, the team realizes how deeply the corruption is rooted but not before several of their members are captured. Now at the mercy of the extremists, their only hope of rescue is Brooke and Hunter. The clock is ticking but as the broken couple fights for their own lives, can they learn to work together again before time runs out for their friends?


For Elise

In the sprawling gardens of their neighboring estates, childhood friends Miles and Elise spent countless pleasant days together in the spirited adventures of youth. They were inseparable–until Elise vanished without a trace. Miles searched, but Elise could not–or would not–be found . . .

After years spent laboring on the family plantation in the West Indies, Miles Linwood is shocked by the unexpected news: he has inherited his uncle’s estate and the title of Marquess of Grenton. Miles’s return to England is tarnished by only one thing–he is still haunted by Elise’s mysterious disappearance. So when he glimpses a woman with a startling resemblance to his lost friend, he’s shaken to the core. This is no mere shadow of the past: it is truly Elise. But his dear friend has changed–to the point that he questions whether it is really her, though he knows it is. Accustomed to rescuing Elise from childhood escapades, Miles takes her and those in her care back to his estate, even as he struggles to understand her fear and mistrust. As their friendship and feelings slowly blossom again, the shocking truth of their separated years is revealed, and Miles realizes more than ever that he must protect Elise. She slipped away once, and he cannot lose her again.


Living Joyfully in Troubled Times

No matter what we are going through, joy is possible for all of us. There are many things in this world that cause us to become discouraged and depressed, but we can make the choice to be happy regardless of our circumstances.

Just as Adam and Eve chose to fall “that men might be,” we, too, must choose to live so “that [we] might have joy.” We have the power within us to decide to face our adversities with faith, hope, and optimism. Joy is not an achievement; it’s a journey, and a loving God wouldn’t have commanded us to find it without providing directions.

Dear Reader,
We live in a glorious world. More joy abounds than we can imagine. We just have to know how and where to find it. That’s what I hope this book becomes to you–a roadmap to joy.
-Toni Sorenson


Proceed With Caution

Brooke Clayton is in trouble. Deep in the shadowy woods outside Nashville, the young activist stumbled on something she was never meant to see-something she can never reveal if she values her life. Now, as an unknown enemy closes in, she must take drastic measures to disappear. Brooke’s only hope for survival is to accept help from her uncle, Major Christopher Dane, and his team of highly trained operatives. Dane entrusts his niece’s safety to one of his most reliable men, Hunter, a.k.a. Owl. Brooke and Owl go into hiding, posing as a married couple volunteering at a Civil War reenactment site. As Brooke comes to trust her protector, their connection deepens and their cover relationship begins to feel all too real. But when danger encroaches on their make-believe world and explosive truths are revealed, Hunter and Brooke risk everything to expose the discovery she tried so hard to escape-and as peril looms ever closer, it’s too late to proceed with caution . . .

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