Submission Guidelines


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Are you aspiring to see your work in print? Covenant Communications is currently seeking submissions tailored for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in genres such as historical fiction, romance, suspense, young adult, and middle reader. We also welcome nonfiction works, such as gospel teachings, self-help, parenting, cookbooks, and children's books. We're specifically interested in material that's wholesome and imbued with empowering values.

Currently accepting manuscripts for:
  • Themed for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    • Historical
    • Fiction
    • Romance
    • Suspense
  • Gospel Teachings
  • Teaching Helps for Youth, Children, Ministering, New Converts
  • Inspirational
    • Self Help
    • Parenting/Family
    • Youth
    • Children
  • Gift and Art Books
  • Cookbooks with a Latter-day Saint theme
We will not consider works that have been self-published previously.

Submit your query letter, a one-page synopsis, and a full manuscript here.

General guidelines:
  • Do not submit a full manuscripts by mail, or in person. Manuscripts submitted through these networks will not be reviewed.
  • Do not send duplicate manuscripts to Covenant Communications. All manuscripts submissions go through the same channels, and duplicates will be discarded. (see Copyright Permissions)
  • Please allow up to 120 days (about 4 months) for us to complete the review process and reply to you with our decision.
Please send any specific questions not answered below to
We look forward to working with you!

Shara Meredith
Director of Publishing and Marketing
Covenant Communications

It is your responsibility to clear the use of all text and quotations under copyright, including lengthy prose quotations (more than a few lines) and all lyrics and poems.

Please note the following requirements:

  • Include complete publishing information for all quoted material.
  • Keep a copy of the original sources, such as photocopies of the title page and copyright page of any books from which you are quoting. We may require this information if your manuscript is accepted for publication.
  • Do not use published poetry or song lyrics. It can be difficult to find copyright holders to secure permissions, and heavy fees are usually charged.
  • Acquire permissions from sources or people comprised in stories, including those who have had their names changed. If a person can identify themselves or their experience in your work, then you probably need their permission to use their story.
  • Review the FAQ of the Copyright Office at the Library of Congress for specific copyright questions.

After the acquisitions and publishing teams have reviewed your manuscript, they may (1) accept it for publication, (2) invite you to revise and resubmit it, or (3) reject it. If you are asked to revise your manuscript, please do not be offended. This is a positive response, indicating your manuscript has potential for publication.

Many factors are considered when deciding which manuscripts are accepted for publication, and rejection does not necessarily mean that the manuscript is not publishable—only that it is not right for Covenant Communications. Our resources—financing, time, and staff—are limited, and we can only accept a limited number of manuscripts and genres from the many submitted to us. In general, we do not offer a detailed critique or evaluation of manuscripts.

Publishing Production and Marketing. We only discuss details regarding contracts, royalties, production processes, and marketing plans after a manuscript has been accepted for possible publication. Please note that in today’s publishing environment, authors must be heavily involved in promoting their books.

Thank you for your interest in publishing with Covenant Communications. We will be in touch once we’ve had a chance to thoroughly evaluate your manuscript.

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