SKU: 863094 12 Steps Closer to Christ

12 Steps Closer to Christ
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  • SKU: 863094 12 Steps Closer to Christ

    Toni Sorenson


Let's not beat around the bush. Life is one great big wonderful but terrifying adventure. It can be as brutal as it is beautiful. There are no do,overs. We get a single shot to make it home. And guess what? We all wander and find ourselves lost from time to time. Enter our Saviorthe One whose love and power to heal and example to guide is so magnificent that our frail human minds can't begin to comprehend. We are not alone. Knowing this makes the journey not only possible, but enjoyable. This book is about Christ's love for each of us. It is about His mercy and the infinite power of His grace. It is a manual on activating the Atonement. Within its pages you will be reminded that Christ is there for us, in good times and bad, and if we know how to follow Him, how to walk in His footsteps, then the road home doesn't seem quite so treacherous or impossible to scale. You will also learn, step by step, how to draw closer to Him and how to walk your journey by His side. And in this book, you will learn again that Christ is there for you. For you personally. Waiting to walk the journey home with you. Hoping to hear you call His holy name. Hoping that you will recognize His voice when He calls your name and begs, "Come follow me. "