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31 Days to a Better You
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  • SKU: 976107 31 Days to a Better You

    Ed J. Pinegar


What do you want out of life? That is the thought,provoking question at the heart of best,selling author Ed J. Pinegar's 31 Days to a Better You. No matter what you're seeking,whether it be achieving happiness, overcoming obstacles, or attaining exaltation,the secret to success is the same: it begins with responding to the Savior's invitation to change your life and become as He is. In this inspirational volume, readers are invited to take those first critical steps in personal improvement as they work toward their goals. This guide is divided into two sections: first, readers are presented with six foundational tools that can aid in successful achievement of goals. And second, the author presents a careful study of key gospel principles with specific instructions designed to help readers achieve their highest potential. With the motivational guidance found within 31 days of inspiring topic studies, readers will be more prepared to set and meet goals with diligence and determination.