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Laurie Lewis
"Laurie (L. C.) Lewis is a weather-whining wife, mother, and grandma. She’s also crazy about crabs, nesting boxes, twinkle lights, sappy movies, and the sea. It’s documented that she’s craft-challenged and particularly lethal with a glue gun, so she set her creative juices to writing, which was less likely to burn her fingers. Born in Baltimore, Laurie will always be a Marylander at heart, but a recent move to a house overlooking Utah Lake makes Utah her new love. Her Maryland years, spent within the exciting and history-rich corridor between Philadelphia, Baltimore, and D.C., made her a history nerd and a political junkie. During Laurie’s years as a science-education facilitator, she honed her research skills, eventually turning to writing full time. She writes in multiple genres, penning her women’s fiction and romance novels as Laurie Lewis and her historical fiction novels as L. C. Lewis. She’s a RONE Award winner and was twice named a New Apple Literary Award winner in 2017. In 2018 she won Best New Fiction. She is a BRAG Medallion honoree, and she was twice named a Whitney Award and USA Best Book Award finalist."