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Trial of Porter Rockwell
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  • SKU: 1105254 Trial of Porter Rockwell

    Jerry Borrowman,John W. Rockwell


It was a rainy May evening in 1842 when the quiet of the Boggs family home was shattered by gunfire. Though gravely wounded, Governor Lilburn Boggs best known for his extermination order against members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints survived the attempt on his life. What followed was a crime investigation that had at its center echoes of the bitter history between the Latter-day Saints and the ruthless politician. The inquest was concentrated on two of the very men in the crosshairs of Boggs's own deadly objective: Joseph Smith and his loyal friend Porter Rockwell. In The Trial of Porter Rockwell, readers will experience the dramatic hunt for Governor Boggs's assailant and the uncertain justice faced by the legendary man whose very life depended on proving his innocence.