SKU: 938440 A Latter-Day Look At Islam

A Latter-Day Look At Islam
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  • SKU: 938440 A Latter-Day Look At Islam

    Daniel C. Peterson


In this enlightening two, talk set, Daniel C. Peterson, noted scholar and professor of Islamic studies and Arabic at Brigham Young University, shares his insights into one of the world's largest religions. he talks about the roots of the religion and the history of some of the conflicts that began centuries ago and continue today. He gives his view on what groups like ISIS and Al,Qaeda are trying to accomplish and explains the terms we may hear in the news, like caliph or caliphate and shari'a law. He reminds us that the vast majority of the estimated 1. 5 billion Muslims in the world are nothing like the extremists who spread destruction in their wake. Dr. Peterson says, "Muslims are our brothers and sisters, and the civilization to which they belong is one that in over 1,500 years has created an enormous amount of great art, architecture, music, literature, philosophy, and science. And there is still a lot we can learn from them. " A Latter,day Look at Islam provides a balanced and insightful perspective into the complex world of Islam.