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Accidental Private Eye
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  • SKU: 753012 Accidental Private Eye

    Clair M. Poulson


Out of work. Out of money. Out of options. After a streak of bad luck, army veteran Dallas Rowen is due for a break, and he finds it in a single sentence uttered by a stranger: "I need your help." Mistaken for a private investigator and desperate for cash, Dallas is enticed by the promise of a paycheck and apprehensively takes on the role of detective.

The death of demolition derby driver Jerry Grady has flooded the news. However, they've omitted one piece of information: it wasn't the impact of the crash that killed him—it was the bullet to his head.

Dallas sets out on the increasingly dangerous investigation, determined to make good on his vow to uncover the truth. As he closes in on the killer, the duplicitous detective quickly realizes time is running our in the battle for justice. The crosshairs of a murderer are turning toward him.

With his trademark gripping narrative, master of suspense Clair Poulson delivers a fast-paced, carefully plotted thriller that will leave audiences breathless.

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