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Alexander Doniphan
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  • SKU: 1353846 Alexander Doniphan

    Susan Easton Black


A striking figure in Church history, Alexander Doniphan is perhaps best remembered for his refusal to carry out the military order to kill the Prophet Joseph Smith. But for those who knew the imposing attorney, soldier, and politician from Missouri, Doniphan was much more influential than that single event reveals. He was larger than life and admired for his strong opinions and the tenacity with which he backed them up.

In this sweeping biography, readers are taken back in time to witness the complex life and legacy of a man whose progressive opinions and strong moral compass made him a notorious character in history. From his role in the Mexican-American War to his work in the Missouri legislature to his courtroom defense of Porter Rockwell, discover the remarkable legacy of a man who wasn't looking to make his mark on the world but who did so nonetheless through his determination to make a difference.