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Always a Princess
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  • SKU: 795791 Always a Princess

    Meg Johnson


Being a princess isn't a fairy tale. It isn't a fantasy. It isn't even a future occurrence. We are currently daughters of the King. We are currently princesses. Countless women carry a shared childhood memory: being clothed in exquisite dresses, wearing tiaras perched jauntily atop their heads, and dreaming of being princesses. However, when the dress-up gowns are boxed up and the crowns begin gathering dust, royal aspirations fade into the background. The reality of day-to-day ups and downs replaces the fantasy—but was the daydream of royal lineage really so far-fetched? In this inspiring book by motivational speaker and author Meg Johnson, readers are challenged to reclaim that dream and recall their divine heritage as a princess, a daughter of God. Citing poignant personal experiences, scripture, and prophetic counsel, Meg reminds readers that the duty of a princess is to build the kingdom—a daunting task made simpler in four steps:
Be Kind
See Individual Worth
and Smile

Always a Princess serves as a tender reminder that "We are daughters of our Heavenly Father, who loves us, and we love Him." We are beloved spirit daughters of the King, and we miss Him. And even though we all want to, we can't reach up and give Him a hug . . . but we can blow Him a K.I.S.S.