SKU: 857321 Being Happy in An Unhappy World

Being Happy in An Unhappy World
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  • SKU: 857321 Being Happy in An Unhappy World

    Hank Smith


Anyone who's spend time around Hank Smith knows he's a happy person. Have you ever wondered why he's smiling all the time? Is it because his twins are finally sleeping through the night? Could it be because he's finally done with his PhD program? Maybe he's just thinking about ice cream! In his newest talk, Being Happy in an Unhappy World, Hank shares what he's learned from studying happiness. He expounds on what science has to say on the subject, what teenagers think happiness is, and what prophets and other Church leaders teach. He then highlights four key principles of happiness from the Book of Mormon that can help us be happy too:

Accentuate the positive.
Learn to work.
Keep the commandments.
Drop the contention.

Of course, Hank uses laughter to teach about happiness. He says, "I think when people laugh, they learn more. " He'll keep you smiling and positive with his inspiring stories, personal examples, and testimony that teach you that even in a world filled with frowns, you can be happy too.

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Run Time: Approx. 60 minutes

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