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  • SKU: 555531 Best of Dr. John L. Lund

    John L. Lund


"Chances are you either married your biggest challenge in life or you gave birth to it!" Dr. john L. Lund Whether or not the statement at the left rings true for your situation, you'll enjoy the wit, wisdom, and inspiration from popular speaker and author Dr. John L. Lund. For years his best,selling marriage and relationship talks have blessed the lives of thousands of Latter,day Saints around the world. Using his trademark humor along with examples gleaned from more than thirty years of working with couples and parents as a counselor and a mediator, Dr. Lund provides fascinating insights and time,proven methods for strengthening the relationships that matter most. This two, collection of Dr. Lund's best advice is sure to spark some enlightening conversations and be a family favorite for years to come.