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Book of Mormon ABC
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Have fun and learn the alphabet from A to Z . . . the Book of Mormon Way!

Learning one letter from another has never been more fun—especially for Latter-day Saint kids, who can now master their ABCs by relating them to names, places, and things in the Book of Mormon. From Ammon ("a faithful missionary and defender of King Lamoni's sheep") to Curelom ("animals used by the Jaredites") to Rameumptom ("a 'holy stand' used by the wicked Zoramites for prayer") to Zoram ("the servant of Laban and a true friend of Nephi"), youngsters will learn unique words and phrases from beginning to end of this sturdy, colorful board book with delightful illustrations by popular artist Val Chadwick Bagley. This is an ideal way for children to improve their language skills—not to mention it being a wonderful visual aid for classroom or home evening use. It's an especially fun way to help little ones to be reverent in church, too!