SKU: 839228 Book of Mormon Battles

Book of Mormon Battles
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  • SKU: 839228 Book of Mormon Battles

    James H. Fullmer


Book of Mormon Battles is an exciting game of strategy and chance. Players battle one another using 56 different heroes and villains from the Book of Mormon. Use the cards as they are, or strengthen them with POWER cards, like Faith, Wickedness, Secret Combinations, or Title of Liberty. Choose a Conversion card to change a villain to a hero, or combine all your forces using the Battle card. The highest score wins the round, and the winner adds the defeated cards to his own ranks. But beware . . . Stripling Warriors or Famine cards may change everything. Let the battle begin! Book of Mormon Battles will immerse you in the lives of the people of the Book of Mormon. It's a game the whole family will love!