SKU: 384216 Building a Better Marriage

Building a Better Marriage
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  • SKU: 384216 Building a Better Marriage

    Douglas E. Brinley


Douglas E. Brinley, co,author of the best,selling book on marriage, Between Husband & Wife, is back with more marriage helps for Latter,day Saints. In this talk, Brother Brinley explains how the keys to happiness in marriage are found in the gospel. He says: "The highest ordinance of the gospel is marriage. Does it not seem reasonable that the best way to strengthen marriage is through the application of gospel principles?"

He shares how a soft heart is crucial in resolving differences. "It is not a matter of communication it is a matter of heart. Two soft,hearted people can solve any problem. "

He concludes by saying, "What a privilege it is to be married! What a wonderful opportunity to be sweethearts! I love the doctrines of the Church that soften us, that make us want to be better sweethearts and better parents. We have a great future ahead of us as we live the gospel. "