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Called to Serve
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  • SKU: 823982 Called to Serve

    Celebrating Missionary Work Around the World

    Michael K. Winder


The decision to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter,day Saints is among the most significant choices a young person can make in his or her lifetime. As they prepare to labor throughout the world, future elders and sisters often share one burning questions: "What should I expect in the day,to,day of mission life?" Called to Serve, a spirited and humorous journey through various facets of the mission experience, addresses this question with beautiful pictures, fun facts, and thought,provoking questions. From adventures in ethnic cuisine to the gift of service, this book illustrates some of the most defining and inspiring aspects of the mission experience. It is sure to delight the multitude of young men and women who will one day be called to serve.