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  • SKU: 1007930 Celebrate Sunday

    Lani Olsen Hilton


Parents . . . are to be the prime gospel teachers and examples for our children the bishop, the Sunday School, the Young Women or Young Men, but the parents. . . . We might all ask ourselves: do our children receive our best spiritual, intellectual, and creative efforts, or do they receive our leftover time and talents, after we have given our all to our Church calling or professional pursuits?

Tad R. Callister

The inspired words of Church leaders have conveyed the message loud and clear: the time is now to put our focus on family learning and togetherness. And what better day to devote to leading and guiding children in gospel principles than Sunday? Make the Sabbath day a delight with Celebrate Sunday, an engaging compilation of weekly activities designed for children of all ages.

Play lively gospel-centered games

Celebrate significant dates in Church history

Delve into family history

And so much more!

Featuring easy ideas for every schedule, this book is sure to provide hours of wholesome family fun as you begin your own tradition of Sunday celebration.