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Change Your Words Change Your World
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  • SKU: 938402 Change Your Words Change Your World

    Eric D. Richards


Just moments before His death, the Savior taught His disciples a secret to happiness and success. He said that if they wanted to truly change themselves (and the world), there was one attribute they would have to develop. By this one trait, all people would know that they and we are truly His followers. This single quality can become a world,changer. In fact, prophets and apostles have taught that if all followers of Christ could improve this one characteristic, peace and happiness would abound and the gospel would spread like wildfire throughout the world.

In this fireside message, popular speaker Eric D. Richards uses humorous and inspiring stories from the lives of everyday Latter,day Saints along with insightful analogies to teach a message truly meant for successful latter,day living. He reminds listeners that "the key to other people's happiness is in our hands. " If you are struggling with parents, siblings, coworkers, teachers, coaches, or even fellow Latter,day Saints, this fun and upbeat message is a perfect way to help learn principles that can mend bridges and build greater faith in our Savior Jesus Christ.