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Overview Savannah McLaughlin has every reason to be afraid of the obsessed man behind the surgical mask. The injuries she has suffered while jumping from a moving car are nothing compared to the anguish she will have to endure at the hands of Mario Ferrante. She knows she must escape from the man who has a seemingly endless vendetta against Savannah and Major Christopher Dane. What she doesn't know is that Major Dane - who has always avoided commitment - has finally declared his feelings for her in a dramatic way by deliberately ransoming himself for her freedom. Now it's up to Savannah and Dane's team of expert misfits to rescue Dane. But success will require more than brute force. So the team designs an elaborate plan to bring Ferrante to justice and free Dane. But will the recruitment of an unlikely ally doom the most important mission of Savannah's life? Will a shocking secret keep Savannah from trusting the man she loves? Full of twists and turns, action and romantic tension, Code of Honor will keep you guessing and cheering for Betsy Brannon Green's unlikely heroine. See also Hazardous Duty and Above and Beyond, volumes one and two in this series.