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  • SKU: 390750 Cover Up

    Clair M. Poulson


Lauren Olcott loves her job—but more than one person at her company would like to see her gone—permanently.

Until a few days ago, Lauren looked forward to a long career with Paradise Pharmaceuticals. But now after stumbling upon a scheme that would siphon millions of dollars into the pockets of corporate executives, she's not sure she'll live to see tomorrow.

As Lauren is thrown into a nightmare of terror, she frantically tries to email her boyfriend for help—but the message is directed to someone else. Now a man she hasn't seen in more than a decade holds the key to her survival—and he's thousands of miles away.

Master storyteller Clair Poulson again delivers page-turning suspense in a story where key characters are forced to draw on unrecognized reserves of strength, courage, and spirituality.

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