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Cowboy Pi
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  • SKU: 1309133 Cowboy Pi

    Clair M. Poulson


After years of military service, cowboy Ken Jensen is ready to return to where he belongs—saddling broncs. But a two-day rodeo in the Utah desert turns into a crazier ride than he anticipated when he meets a private investigator, Dallas Welch. Dallas is familiar with Ken’s work as a military investigator and needs his help; there has been a major rash of cattle theft on local ranches, and Dallas needs a right-hand man to assist in his investigation. But before Ken can respond, the bullets start flying, leaving him no choice but to get involved.

Ken is confident in his investigative abilities, but what he isn’t prepared for is the complication of the pretty waitress who sets his heart on fire. So when he can’t tell which direction the next round of bullets will come from—or who they might hit—things get personal. And with the lives of those he cares for on the line, he won’t stop until every last cattle thief is behind bars.

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