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Critical Consequences
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  • SKU: 1354713 Critical Consequences

    Clair M. Poulson


As a member of the coast guard, Mike Weaver is guided by a single objective: to locate and protect those in need. So when his cousin Martie and her new husband disappear, Mike has no doubt that he possesses the skills necessary to find out what happened. What he doesn’t anticipate is that the truth he seeks is buried deep within a tangled network of greed and deceit.

When Mike’s past violently collides with his investigation, he is forced to accept help from virtual strangers―Angelia and her family anticipated a quiet family picnic in the mountains, but when they encounter a wounded Mike, Angelia and her father, with his military background, spring into action. When they discover that Mike’s search for his cousin has a surprising connection to their family, they join his dangerous hunt for answers. Search and rescue is in Mike’s blood, and with the help of his unconventional team of investigators, he’ll stop at nothing to bring his cousin home safely.

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