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Deliverance From Depression
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  • SKU: 544115 Deliverance From Depression

    G.G. Vandagriff


Clinical depression brings turmoil, despair, and pain that can crush the well,being of its victims and their loved ones. But the merciful power of the Atonement can lift even this heavy burden.

This inspiring guide portrays the experience of the Vandagriff family, which struggled under depression for more than twenty,five years before relief came through the grace of Jesus Christ. G. G. Vandagriff and her son, Gregory, suffered the physical and emotional effects of depression, while David Vandagriff endured the deep difficulty of trying to support his wife and son during the turbulent years of their illness. Yet in the midst of great strife, the family saw the hand of God revealed in the form of inspired physicians, effective medications, and, most importantly, the direct influence of the Spirit.

Written in turns by mother, son, and father, this poignant and uplifting account shows how to rely on the Spirit during times of adversity and draw on the Savior's blessings of peace, hope, and healing.