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Diantha's Crossing
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  • SKU: 641296 Diantha's Crossing


The year is 1858. As the U. S. Army marches on Salt Lake City, Brigham Young has ordered the Saints to evacuate their homes. Diantha Clay,powerfully portrayed by veteran actress Barta Heiner, a BYU professor who wrote and performed the original stage production,is an aging midwife who stays behind to help a woman about to give birth. The woman was knocked unconscious when her husband struck her as they passed Diantha's cabin, and now Diantha struggles to hold the door shut against the angry husband. In the next scene, the husband is gone Diantha now faces a smiling stranger who seems to know her but doesn't explain why he's there. As Diantha tends to her laboring patient and converses with the stranger, she reflects on her childhood and a myriad of memories,from miraculous healings to painful decisions. She takes the stranger to Far West with her to visit a terrible time in her past. Along the way, she confronts her fears, her guilt, and her prejudice against those who have caused pain to her family and her friends. This moving and thought,provoking production will be a treasured addition to any DVD library.