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  • SKU: 1296136 Disruption

    Clair M. Poulson


Twelve-year-old child prodigy Timmy Dixon has yet to meet a problem he can not solve. But when he returns home from an evening out with his older sister, Lilia, Timmy is faced with his greatest challenge yet: the house has been ransacked, and their parents have disappeared without a trace.
With the help of two detectives who take a special interest in the case, Timmy and Lilia embark on a unique investigation guided by Timmy's photographic memory and relying on one subtle clue from the night of their parents' disappearance: the unusual presence of an old Ford Bronco. Using that single piece of information, Timmy and Lilia are drawn into a deadly conspiracy spanning the globe and are staying just ahead of a mysterious foe who has no patience for their meddling. The success of this unlikely team of investigators rests with Timmy's intrepid problem-solving skills as the siblings race to find their parents before time runs out.

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