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Double Cross
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  • SKU: 436663 Double Cross

    Betsy Brannon Green


Mark Iverson is a Mormon bishop—and an FBI agent. He has just received a new assignment—working a covert operation in which he is to rescue a young woman from a powerful drug lord. However, once Mark arrives in Colombia, it doesn't take him long to realize that he has not been told the complete truth about his dangerous mission.

He soon realizes that his wife and children may well be in great danger. Now, despite chilling odds and overwhelming obstacles, Mark and his wife, Kate, must mount an offensive against unrelenting treachery and deceit.

Betsy Brannon Green, acclaimed best-selling LDS author, has skillfully crafted an intricate story with enough humor and white-knuckle suspense to keep your adrenaline surging till the end. Double Cross is sure to please Betsy's die-hard fans and newcomers alike.