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Earlier Than Planned
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  • SKU: 1301267 Earlier Than Planned

    Kristilyn Wiseman


Taking off the tag is a poignant and challenging moment for any missionary as they say goodbye to their full-time service. But for those whose call is cut short, the conclusion of their mission occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. Left to navigate uncomfortable questions about their return, they may face feelings of unfounded guilt and questions about why their God-given assignment has been taken from them. 

For all those seeking hope and healing, this book includes key insights from returned missionaries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as insights from those who came home for physical, mental, or other reasons. Earlier Than Planned offers a lifeline and guide in taking the next step after an early release. Follow the real-life journeys of several missionaries as they recount their experiences in coping with the heartache, pain, and loneliness of an early release. Most importantly, discover how each approaches this trial of faith and ultimately finds peace through the incomparable power of the Savior’s Atonement—a power and promise available to all.