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Echoes of Eden
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    Eternal Lessons from Our First Parents

    E. Douglas Clark


For patterns of righteousness, Latter-day Saints can look to two couples from our scriptural canon: Adam and Eve and Abraham and Sarah. Standing at the head of two gospel dispensations, these noble and great ones fulfilled their divine charge to bless humankind in matters of mortal and eternal life—and thanks to the Restoration, the light they brought to the world now shines brighter than ever.

In this volume, noted gospel scholar E. Douglas Clark leads readers on a fascinating journey from the Garden of Eden to the Arabian desert to the land of Canaan as he explores sacred writ—including a variety of ancient texts relating to these exemplary couples, which affirm and illuminate the rich treasures restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. Along the way, we learn priceless truths about the Creation and the Fall, about life and love, about mortality and marriage, and about the Savior and His Atonement—life lessons that can guide us to a joyful reunion with our first parents in that celestial paradise where families truly are forever.