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Emma and Lucy
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  • SKU: 564724 Emma and Lucy

    Gracia N. Jones


Lucy Mack Smith has come to stand as a beloved role model in Church history. Not quite as well-known is Emma Hale Smith's legacy. Yet, in the midst of her suffering and persecution, her testimony of her husband's mission and of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon remains.

But this is not a book about these women individually. For Emma and Lucy had a close, intertwined relationship. More mother than mother-in-law, more daughter than daughter-in-law, they were also women in Israel. Bound together by the gospel, their mutual admiration and friendship, and their love for and devotion to Joseph, these women became inseparable later in life as Emma lovingly cared for the aged Lucy.

Carefully researched by the great-great-granddaughter of Emma and Joseph, this remarkable book offers a deep, thoughtful, and tender look at these two most important women of the early Church. A fascinating and worthy read for every person interested in Church history.