SKU: 807814 Everyday Gourmet Cookbook

Everyday Gourmet Cookbook
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  • SKU: 807814 Everyday Gourmet Cookbook

    Alice Osborne, Jeanne Wolfley, Kaycee Leishman


Now you can prepare fantastic gourmet,tasting meals in no more time than it takes to make your routine humdrum dishes. The dozens of tried and tested gastronomic creations in this handy book offer what busy cook's desire healthy, delicious dishes that don't take half the day to make. You don't need to be a trained chef to make the recipes in Everyday Gourmet, but the appetizers, main dishes, soups, side dishes, and desserts you'll create will taste like you put in your time at culinary school. Inside, you'll discover both subtle and zesty international flavors, simplified methods, and time saving tricks to make you a kitchen hero. Plus, you'll find secret tips and tricks to help you cook smarter, eat healthier, and serve beautiful,looking meals. Packed with full,color photos of finished courses, this tantalizing collection of recipes promises to earn you the coveted title of Everyday Gourmet.