SKU: 370660 Evidences of the Book of Mormon

Evidences of the Book of Mormon
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  • SKU: 370660 Evidences of the Book of Mormon

    Daniel C. Peterson


Nothing can take the place of a spiritual witness that the Book of Mormon is true. However, additional witnesses and evidences of the divinity of this book also exist. In this unique two,talk set, Daniel C. Peterson, a noted scholar and lecturer, provides an intriguing look at the evidences that support the Book of Mormon as an ancient text. He also looks at the lives and testimonies of those who were witnesses to the coming forth of the "keystone of our religion. "

Dr. Peterson says, "The more I spend time with the witnesses of the Book of Mormon, the more impressed I am with them. You come away from reading their consistent testimonies with an understanding that these were sincere, intelligent, respectable men of integrity who really believed that they had seen the plates and had seen an angel. "

Evidences and Witnesses of the Book of Mormon will provide fascinating insights that will strengthen the testimonies and expand the understanding of all who watch.