SKU: 989688 Fatherhood: a Calling of Love

Fatherhood: a Calling of Love
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  • SKU: 989688 Fatherhood: a Calling of Love

    Ed J. Pinegar


A father is a teacher. A father is an example. A father is a friend. Most importantly, a worthy father has the incomparable capacity to bless his family with priesthood power as he magnifies his sacred responsibility. With such a dynamic role of leadership and love within the family, it is vital that every father understands and appreciates the many facets of his eternal responsibility.

With an engaging blend of gospel insights and personal aneotes, bestselling author Ed J. Pinegar presents an inspiring treatise on fatherhood as he encourages men to have the vision, desire, and commitment to fulfill their sacred duty within the home. Building on a gospel,centered foundation, readers are led through such topics as providing learning and growing experiences for their families, motivating loved ones with praise and encouragement, and establishing family fun and unity. With timeless wisdom, Fatherhood: A Calling of Love serves as a gentle reminder that every father is unique and you can be uniquely successful in honoring this magnificent role.