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    Lee Groberg,Mark Goodman,Mitch Davis


Since its original publication in 1611, the King James Bible has had immeasurable influence on religion, language, culture, art, and literature,,yet its road to influence and acceptance was paved with darkness. International politics, subversion, lust, and bloodshed set the stage for the heroic "heretics" who sought to translate the word of God into the English vernacular. Fires of Faith crisscrosses a tumultuous Europe at the birth of religious freedom and chronicles characters central to the Reformation, including John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, King Henry VIII, and "Bloody" Queen Mary I, culminating with the reign of King James I and his commissioned translation of the Bible.

This intriguing three,part documentary series features more than 130 reenactments filmed in eight countries, with great care taken to represent the scenes visually and historically accurate. Commentary from 18 international scholars and religious leaders tells the story of one of the greatest committee efforts in history, resulting in the most influential and enduring book the Western world has ever seen.

Part 1 , Yearning for the Word:
Discover the history of the English Reformation and learn about the varying roles Martin Luther, William Tyndale, and King Henry VIII had in its development.

Part 2 , Martyrs for a Book:
Gutenberg's revolutionary printing press aided the Protestant Reformation and sped up the printing of illegal Bibles being smuggled into England. Within a year, many influential "heretics" were betrayed, imprisoned, and martyred for their beliefs.

Part 3 , The King James Bible:
In 1604, England's King James ordered a new translation of the Bible. After seven years, 54 scholars, and one of the greatest committee efforts in history, those who persevered brought forth the most widely used book ever written.

Bonus Featurettes (90 minutes):
,The Bible and America
, Other Translations
, The Bible Today
, The Translators
,Martin Luther
, King Henry
, King James
, Religion Today
, Tyndale's Legacy
,Favorite Passage
, Bible Literacy Today
, The Making of Fires of Faith