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Gate of Heaven
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  • SKU: 858823 Gate of Heaven

    Insights on Doctrines and Symbols of the Temple

    Matthew B. Brown


From the premortal world, where the plan of salvation was laid out and the need for temples was established, to the Restorations, in which the fullness of the gospel was reintroduced to the world in the temple ceremony, author Matthew B. Brown explores the rich heritage of symbolism that has characterized temples and temple worship through the ages, reverently examining the sacred doctrines associated with "the gate of heaven. " Among many other topics, he discusses: Rituals and symbols from the tabernacle of Moses, the temple of Solomon, and the holy places of the earliest Christians The remarkable parallels between ancient temple worship and the doctrines and ordinances restored by Joseph Smith Personages from the spirit world who returned to earth to request temple work, to assist with this work, or to witness their own work being done The restored doctrine of making one's calling and election sure Long,standing myths about LDS temple worship and the origin, symbols, and rituals of Freemasonry Representing more than a decade of intense research and documentation, The Gate of Heaven is destined to become a classic among Latter,day Saint works dealing with the sacred and vital subject of temples and temple worship. Product Details Size: 8" x 11" Pages: 224