SKU: 1031218 Glorious Truths About Mother Eve

Glorious Truths About Mother Eve
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  • SKU: 1031218 Glorious Truths About Mother Eve

    Susan Easton Black


As the mother of all living, Eve is perhaps the most well,known and most misunderstood woman in the scriptures. She partook of the forbidden fruit, persuading Adam to do likewise. Was she a temptress? Did she introduce evil into the world? When scrutiny regarding Eve s actions in the Garden of Eden takes on a negative tone, we can turn to truths to put Eve in the right light. Glorious Truths about Mother Eve addresses many questions about her and her story by exploring the hidden depths of the Genesis, Moses, and Abraham accounts of the Fall of Adam and the teachings of Latter,day prophets on the role of Eve in the garden and in mortality. Learn how these sacred truths challenge traditional religious scholarship, and rejoice with gospel scholar Susan Easton Black in the revelations that clarify Eve s noble role as matriarch of the human race in the Lord s plan.

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