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Good Answers to Good Questions
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  • SKU: 924313 Good Answers to Good Questions

    How to Confidently Answer 50 Common Questions About the Church

    Chris Huston


Are Mormons Christians? Do members of the Church worship Joseph Smith? Why can't women hold the priesthood? Why don't you accept gay people into your church?

Misconceptions about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter,day Saints abound. From common questions to obscure queries, it's inevitable that members of the Church will be required to set the record straight. The only question is, will you be prepared to answer? In Good Answers to Good Questions, author Chris Huston teaches readers how to prepare for opportunities to address questions about the doctrines of the Church.

Following the example of Christ's method of teaching, the author poses fifty common questions that nonmembers might ask about the Church and then discusses possible responses, ranging from lengthy explanations to short answers. Drawing on scriptural evidence and quotes from Church leaders, readers will gain confidence as they learn to avoid overwhelming or offending their audience. Strengthen your own testimony as you learn to invite those interested in learning more about the gospel to "come and see. "