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Hank Smith Live
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  • SKU: 795975 Hank Smith Live

    Wit & Wisdom to Strengthen Youth

    Hank Smith


Over the years, Hank Smith has shared his positive messages with thousands of youth throughout the Church in countless firesides, in EFY courses, at Education Week, and in seminary and institute classes. His love for today's latter,day stripling warriors is obvious as he encourages them to live the gospel, do their very best, repent often, and laugh! All of these messages come through loud and clear in Hank's first talk on DVD. Hank Smith Live: Wit & Wisdom to Strengthen Youth draws on the principles in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet to teach about the importance of being close to family, overcoming adversity, making wise choices, staying within boundaries, and moving forward with faith. As is always the case with a Hank Smith talk, you'll laugh as he shares hilarious personal experiences to illustrate his points. Whether you share this DVD as part of your family home evenings or watch it as a wholesome alternative to other entertainment choices, Hank's wit and wisdom will be a treasured blessing for your family.