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  • SKU: 1285710 Hear Him

    Beautiful Artwork and Inspiring Words to Help You Hear and Follow the Savior



In his inspiring April 2020 general conference address, President Russell M. Nelson posed a simple yet lifechanging question: “How do you Hear Him?” His words highlight an important aspect of our relationship with our Father: He speaks to each of His children personally, and His messages are uniquely tailored to each one’s ability to understand. But it is not always easy to discern how He communicates or how best to foster a relationship with Him. How can we come to truly understand and heed the distinctive messages from our loving Father? 

Explore the extraordinary range of responses to this question in Hear Him, a compilation of insights and testimonies from gospel scholars, authors, speakers, and artists. Featuring stunning artwork from more than 200 Latter-day Saint artists alongside an incredible array of scriptures, quotes, and narratives, this powerful volume is certain to provide a source of inspiration and guidance to all who seek to more fully Hear Him.