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Hearts in Hiding
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  • SKU: 306416 Hearts in Hiding

    Betsy Brannon Green


Devastation, betrayal, self,pity, anger,,none of these words do any justice to the tangle of emotions Kate Singleton is experiencing. Married just over a year, with a baby on the way, Kate learns that her husband, an FBI agent, is dead. To top it off, the same people who murdered her husband have a contract on her head.

With the help of the FBI, Kate flees with little more than the clothes on her back. And in no time at all, they provide her with new clothes, a new home, a new name, and. a new husband.

But this is only the beginning of Kate's adventure. Before it's through, there will be a kidnapping, true love, and enough suspense to keep any reader turning pages long after bedtime. Hearts in Hiding is an action,packed, romantic first novel by gifted author Betsy Brannon Green.